Race Day Schedule

A typical race day runs something like this.  Due to weather and other circumstances, schedules often change so please be flexible.

Typical Schedule

  1. 7:45 - 8:45 AM:  Volunteers check in.
  2. 8:15 AM  Gate Judge meeting at race headquarters. Please check in prior to meeting
  3. 9:05 AM  Coaches meet at top of course, just prior to course inspection open.
  4. 9:10 AM  Racers begin 1st run course inspection (upon completion of course setting and if ski area lifts are open to racers).
  5. 9:40 AM  Course closed to inspection (30 min inspection period).
  6. 9:45 AM  1st run begins with racers running in the following order unless changed by the jury:
    • Forerunners, Women Varsity, Women JV, Men Varsity, Men JV
  7. 30 minutes after 1st run conclusion the 2nd run course is open for a 30 minute inspection period.
  8. 60 minutes after first run conclusion the 2nd run begins.
  9. DQ list usually posted within 30 minutes after the conclusion of second run.
  10. Protests due within 15 minutes of posting of DQ list.
  11. If necessary, a Race Jury meeting to consider protests or other race governing issues will be held after the protest period has ended. This meeting is usually held in the race headquarters area.
  12. Daily awards:  Held at/near the race headquarters area in lodge after the results have been declared official by the jury.