Race Volunteer Positions

For races held at Mt. Bachelor, race volunteers receive a lift ticket for race day plus a voucher good for another lift ticket anytime during the current ski season. 
Thanks to Mt. Bachelor for their generous support of high school ski racing!

Sign-up sheets for this season races are located here.  Contact Matt Cutter with questions.

All race volunteers must sign a wavier every year. The current volunteer wavier form can be downloaded here.  Please sign, scan, and e-mail to Matt Cutter, OSSA Race Director  or bring the waiver to the check-in desk at race headquarters on race day.

Description of Volunteer Positions:

Gate Judges:  The ability to ski or snowboard is required. Gate Judges decide whether a competitor has passed through a series of gates correctly or has committed a “fault”. Decisions must be prompt, consistent, and properly documented.

The OSSA recognizes the importance of this position and conducts pre-season Gate Judge Clinics with instruction on rules and responsibilities. Annual attendance to one of these clinics is required. Before each race, the Chief Gate Judge conducts a short briefing session at race headquarters. These usually start at 8:15am. For details on gate judging rules, see the page About Gate Judging.

Assistant Starter:  The ability to ski or snowboard is required.  Using the official start order as a reference, this individual has the next 5-8 racers lined up and ready to race. Works with and at the direction of the Start Referee.

Start/Finish Hand Timer: The ability to ski or snowboard is required.  Posted in the start or finish area. Using a hand held timing device, these individuals manually record the start/finish time of each competitor. These records are used as a back-up in the case of a main electronic timer malfunction. Race experience is not necessary. The Chief of Timing will give specific instructions.

Crossing Guard: The ability to ski or snowboard is required.  These individuals control skier and snowboarder traffic at the crossover and get back trails that cross the race course. Experience is a plus but not required.

Crossing Helper: The ability to ski or snowboard is required. This individual helps guide and assist the public across the race course at the crossing.

Headset: The ability to ski or snowboard is required.  Using the headset at the assigned position, these individuals communicate with the Starter and the Chief of Timing to report course conditions, fallen competitors, obstructions, or other hazards.

Course Maintenance: Experienced skiers only please. Early lift loading at 8:15 am will be required. Assists with 1st run and 2nd run course set up and after race tear down.  Prepares and maintains the race surface and race gates before and during the race. Involves side slipping, both individually and as a group. No ski poles please! Carrying bundles of race gates or race equipment and the use of gate wrenches, snow rakes, and shovels will be required. Once the race starts, you may be assigned to monitor and repair a specific part of the course or work as a team as instructed by the Chief of Course. Hiking with equipment may be required. 

Scoreboard:  The ability to ski or snowboard is not required although a hike to the finish area is required for non-skiers.  These individuals are responsible for picking up the scoreboard pack at race headquarters in the morning and mounting the score sheet on the scoreboard in the finish area. During the race, these individuals record each competitor’s time on the score sheet as communicated by the Chief of Timing via 2 way radio. After the race the scoreboard pack and score sheet must be returned to race headquarters. 

Race Bib Collection:  The ability to ski or snowboard is not required although a hike to the finish area is required for non-skiers.  Bib collectors are posted in the finish arena during the 2nd run of the race. After the competitors complete their 2nd run, these individuals collect the race bib from each competitor before they leave the finish area. Referencing an official start order, any missing bibs should be noted. All the gathered bibs need to be returned to race headquarters after the conclusion of the race.

Alternates:  If you are signed up as an alternate, are at the ski area and available to help, please come to the check-in desk on race day morning.  Due to last minute challenges, changes or “no-shows” we might need you. Please don’t make a special trip to the ski area.