About OSSA/Contact Us

OSSA (Oregon School Ski Association) is a non-profit organization formed by volunteer coaches, parents and community members for the purpose of promoting education and instruction in the amateur sport of Alpine skiing and to foster a healthy respect for competition at the high school level.

The specific goals of OSSA include:

  • Creating a positive learning experience for skiers of all abilities.   “Reach for your potential as skier, if not a great racer”
  • Providing a fun, competitive environment where athletes form positive bonds through their shared experiences
  • Delivering a quality ski racing structure focused on a positive experience for the athletes
  • Building a community of support around the athletes through parents, volunteers, alumni and community members
  • Maintaining the OSSA structure to be simple, transparent and athlete focused

Member Schools/Head Coaches                         

OSSA Chairman: Jeff Jewett
OSSA Secretary/Administrator: Erin Levine
Race Director:  Matt Cutter
General Information:  Dave Wallace
OSSA Handbook is here.